Hanging Out With rob

DSC05750-1Last night called rob to see if he was busy. I had not seen him since he had went off to do a Writers-In -Residence at the University of Alberta. He was in fine spirits. But my friend is in love which why I’d describe a him as more this his usual self. He was exuberant, not that the beer didn’t help. LOL. Shown here is a picture of us taken last night. There are more if you follow the link.

It is hard to keep track of just how many books rob has published this is just a short list of some of his most recent titles.

Ottawa: The Unknown City
The Ottawa City Project
Name, an Errant
stone, book one
What’s Left
red earth: Poetry
Paper Hotel
harvest: a book of signifiers
bagne, or, criteria for heaven
Manitoba highway map
Bury Me Deep in the Green Wood
The Richard Brautigan Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Notes On Drowning
Poems From The Blue Horizon

Hanging out with rob is a blast, though it is hard to get a word in edgewise. Like with his obsession to write all there is to write, just in case his curtain should fall to early. rob also talks the same way. I’ve known rob since 1993ish give or take a year or so. I’ve got lots of great memories of Ottawa many of them include rob, some are really funny and some are really annoying. But that is rob and they are indivisible two halves of a coin.

On the other hand, I’ve sown my oats and I live a quite suburbian life. So the things that happen to me are small so it nice just to sit back and listen to someone else doing his best to make a mark on the world. To get the chance to relish the successes, and to be there for the rough patches that inevitability come and go.

I was very happy to hear how well thing at the Writer-in-Residence stint went. I knew that rob would be a good choice for this sort of thing. Since the day I meet him he has been a ball of energy. Contributing to the Ottawa literary life unlike any Ottawa writer/poet in past memory. I defy anyone to find someone in Canada that knows as much about Canadian literature as rob. Yet year after year I see these talking heads on tv or radio trotted out to discuss this or that literary event, but rob is all but ignored. But if you need to know something about contemporary Canadian literature he is in my mind the go to guy. Hopefully soon another university will come knocking at his door and he will once again demonstrate why he is worth every penny of the grant money that will fund his presence.

Our ivory towers are chalk-a-block full of people that make there living writing articles about dead people which is fine. But for my money if you want to know what is happen amongst the living writing community of this country, rob is the guy you should talk to.