Computational Intelligence for Security and Defence Applications (CISDA), 2009

Ottawa as has a cool conference coming up IEEE Symposium: Computational Intelligence for Security and Defence Applications:Detecting and Adapting to Emerging Threats (CISDA), 2009. The Symposium runs 8-10 July 2009 here in Ottawa it look like a good line up of presentations.

* Applied Computational Intelligence in Biometrics
* Military Operational Logistics Modeling and Simulation
* Adaptive Network Security and Management
* Advanced Information Systems, Intelligence Exploration and Utilization, and Computer Architectures for Military and Security Applications
* Complex Systems Engineering: Defence and Security Applications
* Computational Intelligence Techniques for Complex Adaptive Systems in Defence and Security
* Computational Intelligence Systems in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

I will be attend at least two days and maybe more. I look forward to this opportunity to hobnob with a bunch of super geeks. 🙂

EDIT NOTE (Wed. 17, June, 2009): It is confirmed. I will be attending the full 3 days of this conference. 🙂 Life is good.

New Security Book – Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks From Start To Finish

[openbook booknumber=”/b/OL23016471M”]

Just got my hands on this book. To be honest I’m surprised a book like this took so long to make it to print. As a Linux user I chain commands together through something called bash scripting. So why wouldn’t crackers be doing the same thing. Lets be realistic, most crackers are automating their attacks and they’ve been doing this for a long time. So isn’t chaining various attacks together just good sense? I mean from the perspective of the bad guys.

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