Summer Is Here: Time To Go To A Conference

Well I’ve scrounged up enough money to go to this conference. Though I can not attend the full 3 days. Actually I’ve paid for three days just can not afford to take the full 3 days off of work. I should be about to attend 1/2 the presentations. Some of the stuff looks super interesting. Sadly, my experience is that even if the topic is ultra cool, you end up with some super nerd who has no presentation skills or a foreign accent so thick you need a translator for his/her English. Having said that I love going to these things. You meet some of the most interesting people working on seriously cutting edge stuff.

Sessions below I attended. For a full list of sessions please check the ANTEM/AMEREM website.

UPDATE: Well this was a great conference with sessions from image and signal processing for medical use to how to use cell phone antennas to find people in nearby buildings. I wish I could talk to more of the participants, it is alway hard for me to find a way to break the ice with people I don’t know.


14th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics [ANTEM] and the American Electromagnetics Conference [AMEREM]

The Program:

TA2: ANTEM Small Tunable Antennas and New Materials; [Organized Session]Tuesday, July 6th, MacDonald
TA5: UWB Noise Radar Applications in Homeland Security [Organized Session]; Tuesday, July 6th, Laurier Room
TA7: ANTEM Arrays and Leaky Wave Antennae; Tuesday, July 6th, Renaissance
TP9: ANTEM Antennas for Space Applications [Organized Session]; Tuesday, July 6th, MacDonald
TP10: ANTEM Sensors; Tuesday, July 6th, L’Orangerie
TP13: UWB Radar Systems and Signal Processing; Tuesday, July 6th, Drawing Room
TP14: ANTEM Bioelectromagnetics; Tuesday, July 6th, MacDonald
TP16: HPEM Electromagnetic Compatibility; Tuesday, July 6th, Burgundy
WA18: ANTEM Reflectarray Antennas [Organized Session]; Wednesday, July 7th, Renaissance
WA19: ANTEM Recent Developments on Earth-Space Propagation Research Applied to Satellite Communications [Organized Session]; Wednesday, July 7th, MacDonald
WA24: HPEM Antennas; Wednesday, July 7th, Burgundy
WP25: ANTEM Antenna Theory & Design I; Wednesday, July 7th, Renaissance
WP26: ANTEM Antennas for GPS/GNSS Applications [Organized Session]; Wednesday, July 7th, MacDonald
WP28: UWB Sensing Through Walls [Organized Session]; Wednesday, July 7th, Burgundy
WP29: HPEM Threats, Coupling Effects, Protection and Standards II [Organized Session]; Wednesday, July 7th, Laurier Room
TA33: ANTEM UWB Antennas and Systems II; Thursday, July 8th, Renaissance
TA34: ANTEM Microwave Devices and Circuits; Thursday, July 8th, MacDonald
TA36: UXO, Landmine, IED Detection I; Thursday, July 8th, Burgundy
TA37: UWB Antennas, Radiation and Propagation; Thursday, July 8th, Laurier Room
TA39: ANTEM EMI/EMC; Thursday, July 8th, Renaissance
TP40: ANTEM Artificial Dielectrics & Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures [Organized Session]; Thursday, July 8th, Renaissance
TP42: ANTEM Microstrip Integrated and Active Antennas; Thursday, July 8th, L’Orangerie
TP43: UXO, Landmine, IED Detection II; Thursday, July 8th, Burgundy
TP44: UWB Target Detection, Discrimination & Imaging; Thursday, July 8th, Laurier Room
TP45: HPEM Threats, Coupling Effects, Protection and Standards I [Organized Session]; Thursday, July 8th, Drawing Room
TP46: ANTEM Microwave and Millimeter Wave Antennas; Thursday, July 8th, L’Orangerie
TP48: UWB Communication [Organized Session]; Thursday, July 8th, Laurier Room

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