Murder, disappearing of Monks in Burma/Myanmar

Well if you have been paying any attention to the news you will have see the stories coming out of the country formally know as Burma and know known as Myanmar.  The news is not good though many countries in the world right now are having trouble with good government; Sudan, North Korea, Iraq and Iran to name just a few.  But for me the beating, disappearing and murder of Buddhist monks in Myanmar is a tragedy.  Nothing today in the news can get down more than to think that we could see another Cambodia or Rwanda.   The BBC was reporting that many monks where trying to get out of Rangoon, but that some drivers of buses and trucks where refusing to take them.  They did not want to be seen by the authorities as trying to help.

I could decide to laugh or cry when I saw that the UN had sent another one of their useless envoy to talk to another criminal government.  A government that seized power, from a duly elected government.   The Junta has taken very step possible to hide their crimes, but cutting off every possible communication link to the outside world.  What did these monks do, but protest peacefully.  Did they call for violence, no.  Right now you can guarantee that monks are being herded up and disappeared, murdered or sent to remote detention centres.  What will happen there?  As an amateur astronomer I see thing that are 100 or millions of light years away, I study objects with life spans of billions of years.   Well this Junta will not last even a blink in comparable time.  When they are gone and Burma/Myanmar is free of their cancer and we find out just what happened to those brave enough to stand up and say enough.  Will you have given any thought to their lives, deaths and tragedies?

Long Weekend Over and That Suck!

It’s over and now summer dies, taking its’ last gasps of breath.  On Saturday Gemma and I attend the wedding of the son of a friend of ours.  Left the house at 2pm and got home at 1am.  It was a really long day.  It is too bad I had the runs all that day.  They had an open bar, I just didn’t feel up to the task of some hard drinkin’.  Today I went to a company bbq and got there to find out that the theme was Hawaiian!  The host insisted that we where stupid lays and fake grass skirts.  Thankful I had family stuff to attend to so I was able to leave early.

Just watch the movie

Between washing and waxing the car I watched this movie, Four Eyed Monsters. Even though I took a break to do house stuff after the first 31 minutes of the movie I felt I really wanted to see what the next 31 plus minutes would bring. This is the modern story of something that is difficult and wonderful and often fraught with angst. Thought it may not be everyones story it is a common place story of two people finding out who they are while finding out who that other person is at the same time.

Warning: This is an “art house” style movie. So if you not into this sort of thing you might want to pass. Then again if some said to me that this was an “art house” style movie I might not have watched it and that would have been a shame.

Mod_rewrite Part Deux

Well I got this up and running, but not because I actually know what I’m going. After using the delete using the delete all WPG2 options and redoing the auto-configure process everything seems not work okay. I will have to not go through what I’ve tinkered with to make sure I’ve not created any issues with the set up.

mod_rewrite: why does it have to be voodoo magic

Well I’m tried to implement mod_rewrite on gallery2 and wordpress and it is no fun. There seem to be a bunch on info on either software, but not a lot of clear instruction on how to get them to work together. Heck even figuring out what mod_rewrite is doing is arcane magic. May the gods be with me on this.