FaintFuzzies.ca Gets a Facelift

Well I spent the last 3 days on and off working on getting a new theme for the site. I chose the vSlider theme created by Rui Pereira. This theme is both for WordPress and Gallery2. Past theming has always required me to find themes for WordPress that would also go well with Gallery2. Often there was much buggering to get the two to play nice together. Then there was the work to get them looking got together as well. Rui’s two theme solves those issues.

At present I’ve chosen to stick with the monochrome colour scheme. If you have suggestions for different colour schemes let me know as I’ open other possibilities.

I should also give official credit to NASA as almost all of these images used in the header are from there image archive. Well actually these are pieces of much large NASA images. 🙂

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