Are You A Uber-Hacker, Do You Want Be Uber-CSI?

What about combining these skills? Since 2006 the Defense Department’s Cyber Crime Center, known as DC3, hold a competitions that allows teams or individuals test themselves against the best.

The event is called the DC3 Challenge. One of the features of this challenge that I like is the competition has skill levels from novice to developer. The event is open to individuals or teams from around the world. There are openings for high schools, universities and commercial entities.

This is what you will be working on in this competition: file signatures, suspicious software, meta data, passwords, breaking encryption, finding concealed data, developing new tools just to name a few.

The sponsors for this event are: the Defense Cyber Crime Center, the computer security organization SANS, the Malaysia-based International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats, the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, the John Hopkins Carey Business School, Cyber Watch, and the United Kingdom Cyber Security Challenge.

There are awards for the following categories: overall, international, U.S. and U.S. academic.

So why not sign up, get a team together show that you have the right stuff and along the way you might even learn something new. For the lucky few, the geniuses of keyboards & circuit-boards, you will develop new tools that will help fight the next generation of cyber criminal.

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