Advances In Humanoid Robots

Romeo, shown here in a computer-generated rendering, is a French humanoid robot designed to assist elderly and disabled people. Image: Aldebaran Robotics
The IEEE Spectrum magazine is running an article about the work of a Paris-based Aldebaran Robotics, and the development of a humanoid robot. There are several countries around the world that are working in this field… Japan comes to mind. NASA and General Motors have sent the upper torso of a humanoid robot into space.

I know from this are previous articles on this topic that the publicly stated goals for creating such a robot is providing assisted living help to seniors. Also, as stated in the article in regards to the choice for locomotion and bipedal movement, it was the challenge that drove the choice for a full human like robot. I think the challenge drives most of this research, it is not easy. It requires light weight motors, actuators, light weight materials, long life batteries, communications (voice recognition), and vision. All difficult hurdles to create a humanoid robot which can actually perform useful skills for the humans they will serve.

My question is, when can I get one.

Seriously, what geek would not want to have a fully functioning humanoid robot. If they don’t could they really be a true geek.

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