Arduino Based Dew Controller

These are pictures of my first Arduino project that I’m working on with fellow Maker Sungjung. This is a dew controller with 6 outputs, a output for the fan, 2 temperatures sensors one for the mirror, one for measuring ambient temperature. There is also a humidity sensor. There is a 2×20 display for the information.

This prototype should be completed in a week or two and then testing can begin. Sungjung is presently working on the menu system etc. I can’t wait to give it a try.

A fellow amateur astronomer pointed out that we may have issue with EMI radiation that could effect astro-photography. Thought that has no effect on me as I’m a visual observer this project will be open source and documentation for others to follow and build there own or have us provide them pre-built units, or possibly kits.

Check back for follow up posts.

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